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Our company was established in 1978 within the body of Er Torna Mehmet Er. Er Torna, which stepped into the sector with machining, continued on its way under the name of Er Mak Makine in 2013. Our company, whose main field of activity is the hardware sector, processes the parts of the equipment used such as water and gas armatures, heating and cooling valves, lpg, fire valves, which are made in vending machine benches, on a contract basis. While creating the main principles of our customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency working system, we have never compromised from being a follower of technological developments and innovations since the day we started.

Machine Production

We have never ceased to take right steps with a suitable team in our working environment where we continue to work by knowing the importance of R&D in the production field. As of 20.., we, as Er Makine, aim to continue our mission of providing comprehensive and certain solutions to our customers with our Olive Harvesting Machine by expanding our production range. With Olive Harvesting Machines we produce, we continue to be the only solution address of the industry by proving the importance of our place in the industry one more time.  


The largest part of the expenses spent for the fruit production consists of the workforce costs of harvesting operations. In recent years, the fruit growing sectors in Turkey and across the world have expanded and the importance of mechanical harvesting has increased due to the progress in this branch of commerce. Performing harvesting operations with machinery plays an important role in increasing the workforce and reducing the harvesting expenses. The tree shaker, which ensures that a fruit is plucked from a branch in the most simple and efficient way, reduces the costs and increases the yield. 


Er Makine produces the tree shakers, which it manufactures according to the tree types and puts into use, in compliance with the world standards. Our machines, which can be used for several fruits such as olives, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, plums and apples, perform the shaking operation without harming the tree branches and by ensuring the minimum leaf drop. shaking process by providing minimum leaf fall without damaging the tree branches.