Automatic Olive Harvesting Machine

Turkey's most popular walnut, almond, cherry, chestnut etc. automatic olive harvester Meet the ERM Automatic Olive Harvester Model. ERM automatic olive harvester is ready to be your best assistant in the olive harvest with its ability to approach the tree at different angles.

Special Design for Olive Trees

Olive trees are inflexible compared to other trees. For this reason, it is more fragile. The automatic olive harvester model pulls the tree 6 - 7 cm, not 10 - 12 cm, compared to other rope shakers. For this reason, the branch breaking rate is much less than other rope shakers. The pulley system, which can be angled in all directions, increases the harvest efficiency in high branches and thanks to the angled pulley system, the operator can easily approach the trees from every direction.

No more gearbox blast troubles!

It has an ERM gearboxless design. This clear system, similar to which is applied by the leading machine manufacturers in Italy and Germany, makes shaking more rapidly by up to 30% when compared to machines with gearbox. In the new generation design, there is no need for lubrication as the transmission is made on oil-free special bearings. In case of possible malfunctions, fault detection, repair and maintenance are quite easy.

ERM automatic olive harvester is produced with a special reduced pulling distance for olives. However, in other trees, its efficiency is at least as effective as other shakers.

ERM Automatic Olive Harvester Machine

Automatic Olive Harvesting Machine

Harvesting Machine with Hook End

Automatic Olive Harvesting Machine

Harvesting Machine With Comb

Why ERM Automatic Olive Harvester?

  • It speeds up the olive harvest by 70%-90%.
  • The harvest of olives, especially on the peak (peak) branches, ends in a few seconds.
  • In a single-trunk, young olive tree, 95 - 98% of the olives on the tree are harvested in a few seconds. (When the olive stalk starts to rot.)
  • In multi-trunked, branched, old olive trees, branches can be selected and shaken separately.
  • Thanks to the pull-release distance specially adjusted for olives, the risk of branch breaking is very low compared to other rope shakers.
  • Thanks to the 6-meter rope length specific to olive, the weight of the rope has decreased. For this reason, vibration loss caused by long ropes is minimized.
  • Economical: Even small-scale farmers can easily reach it. Simple to install, easy to use.
  • The new generation reel-guided system shaker ensures stable movement of the rope. Thus, it is one of the machines with the lowest rope breaking rate.
  • A new generation maintenance-free, oil-free, bush-free system.
  • 10mm steel rope.
  • Unlike its counterparts, all connections move on steel bearings. Since there is no friction, it does not tire the tractor, and the power transmission loss is minimal.
  • Steel, light and strong chassis. It is 100% Kadıoğlu Design.
  • It does not need consumables and maintenance.
  • It is robust and long lasting.
  • Our machine is resistant to force much more than needed.
  • All moving parts are machined with high precision by CNC machines.
  • The UV stability of the paint is high.
  • Documents: - CE Certificate. - After-sales service qualification certificate.

How to use ERM Automatic Olive Harvester?

  • The belt of the harvester is attached to the trunk or thick branches of the tree with an easy fastening device. (Parts of the tree where it can stretch easily, away from branch separations or soil should be selected.)
  • The slack of the rope is taken with the help of the tractor or the battery.
  • When the PTO shaft is actuated, it shakes effectively.
  • The fruit falls from the branch. Shaking power and speed adjustment is made from the tractor.

ERM Automatic Olive Harvester Technical Details

Brand ER-MAK Makina
Model Automatic Olive Harvester
Origin Türkiye
Power Supply Tractor PTO / Battery
Weight 35 kg
Rope Length 6 / 10 Meters
Rope Carrying Capacity 4 Tons

Automatic Olive Harvester Gallery

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