Olive Pruning

Pruning is all the processes of cutting, bending, bud, shoot and leaf removal applied to the above-ground organs of the trees in order to ensure that the fruit trees form a smooth and strong crown, to give good and abundant products for a long time, and to make the trees that have fallen out of yield productive again. The important thing in pruning is to keep the leaf/root and leaf/shoot balance at the optimum level at all ages. For this purpose, different pruning is done in olives.

Shape Pruning: The purpose of shape pruning is to create the shape of the crown of the tree. No pruning is done in the first 2 years after the sapling is planted. However, the shoot tips at 40-50 cm from the soil are removed and the growth of the seedlings is ensured. Starting from the third year, the saplings are shaped by leaving 3-4 branches at a height of 60–100 cm. The lower end branches are removed and a shape suitable for the natural tendency of the olive is given. Crop Pruning: The purpose of crop pruning is to keep the productive period of the tree at the maximum level by increasing the illumination in the crown. Only pruning should be done with appropriate thinning so that the sun does not burn the trunk and main branches, a balance should be established between the branches, thin branches should not be diluted excessively. Pruning should be done every 2 years and when entering the full year.

Rejuvenation Pruning: As the age of the tree progresses, the wood part of the tree increases and the product quality decreases and periodicity increases. With rejuvenation pruning, it is possible for the tree to renew itself. Pruning is done gradually on the main branches. First, one of the main branches is pruned a few cm above its connection with the trunk. Strong shoots emerge from this region. Then the branches are renewed by pruning the other main branches. In addition, pruning is carried out in order to completely cut the tree from the head and to make a hard rejuvenation (pumpkin) pruning, to change the variety, to renew the trees damaged by frost and to reduce the crown of large trees. After pruning, tar should be applied to the cut areas and the trees should be sprayed with burgundy slurry or copper preparations.