Efficient Harvest

Harvest is one of the most important processes of production and directly affects the quality of the product. Harvesting the product at the right time and with the right methods determines the amount and quality of the product to be obtained, as well as determining the yield in the coming years.

Picking from the ground; When the harvest time comes and the harvest is decided, the products that have fallen to the ground are collected first, this application is definitely not recommended. The collection process is usually in the form of manual collection. Since it has fallen from the tree on its own and has been waiting on the ground for a while, quality products cannot be obtained as can be expected.

Mechanical harvesting is a method that shortens the harvest time by shaking the branches or shaking the fruit, simplifies the working conditions, reduces the labor costs, has a high work efficiency, and meets the current needs of production with its positive effect on the product quality and the tree.

Another point to be considered is; Harvesting equipment should be cleaned as it passes from tree to tree, and sick leaves and branches should be carefully removed from the garden in order not to spread the disease while harvesting in humid weather. After harvest, preventive pesticides should be applied to the trees (copper pesticides).