In fruit cultivation, besides abundant and high quality production, the product from the garden reaches the consumer with the least possible loss. This is only possible by storing the harvested product at the right time under suitable conditions and transporting and preserving it under suitable conditions until the end consumer.

The fruits that reach a certain stage of development on the plant and the soil and reach a certain degree of maturity are plucked from the plant. This process is called harvesting or harvesting.

Harvest death: It is the state of the product being ready and suitable to be harvested. Physiologically, harvest death is the state of maturity before eating, which can enable to reach eating status in fruits that have completed their physical development on the tree and are consumed as ripe after harvest. In this case, physical development has stopped or is about to stop. However, an intense period has begun in terms of biochemical events. Briefly; After the fruit leaves the branch, it is in a position to ensure that the ripening events required to reach the highest eating quality are completed. Climatic and soil conditions, cultural processes and variety affect the harvest.